Police Officer Tears Up While Making His Retiring Call

After long years of servitude in their profession, people tend to celebrate their retirement, which especially applies for the brave protectors of the law and order. Even though you finally get to relax and enjoy life to the fullest, this is both a happy and sad moment since after decades of engagement, a big part of your life is changing and you have to say your goodbyes to people who have been more than coworkers.

This heartwarming clip shows Salem City Police Sgt. Douglas Hogate Sr. finishing his last day on the job before <a href="https://rumble.com/v3eb1b-police-dogs-in-ecuador-reach-retirement.html" target="_blank">retirement</a>. He announced his final Code 3, which means signing off, but little did he know that a very special someone was on the other end of that police radio to send him off.

It turns out the 911 dispatch operator was his son, Douglas Hogate Jr., and he had a special message to deliver to his dad. Here is what kind of message the operator delivered: ‘It is with great pleasure to announce that as of 1800 hours on this date, after 28 years of service, my father, Salem City Police Sgt. Douglas Hogate Sr., Badge #612, is retiring and is giving his final Code 3," the Hogate Jr. said. “It is my honor as Salem County PST Douglas Hogate Jr. to acknowledge his Code 3 to the greatest man I know. Salem City Police Sgt. Douglas Hogate Sr., Badge #612, you are officially Code 3 at 1800 hours.’

Upon hearing his son’s endearing words, Douglas Sr. couldn’t keep his eyes from tearing up. What a wonderful surprise this is! The police force is certainly going to miss having such an amazing <a href="https://rumble.com/v31qql-policeman-and-a-pig-having-a-dance-off..html" target="_blank">police officer</a> on their team. Happy retirement Douglas!

Credit to 'Salem County 9-1-1 Center Facebook page'.