Pomeranian cools off in fridge during heatwave in Thailand

A clever Pomeranian cooled off during a heat wave - by opening a fridge door and climbing inside.

The little dog was seen in a shop in Kanchanaburi, western Thailand, where temperatures soared close to 40 degrees Celsius on March 4.

The country has been seeing record temperatures and humidity in recent weeks, due in part to the El Nino warm phase baking the region.

The Pomeranian found a way to stay cool by nudging open the fridge door with its nose then laying down across a row of cans.

The amusing scene was captured by two Australian tourists Tania and Kirk Reiner who live in Hua Hin province.

Kirk said: ''We were so concerned about this cute little dog living in the fridge but then the owner showed us how he can let himself out.

"Then he let himself back in the fridge again. Only in Thailand, your dog actually chooses to sit in the fridge.''