Pooh, Paparazzi and Body Guards Walk Through Tokyo

Occurred on October 27, 2018 / Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

Info from Licensor: "The video was shot the evening Halloween festivities of October 27, 2018 near Inokashira Road in the main shopping district of Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. Many people had crowded the streets of Shibuya in costume to celebrate Halloween in what has recently become a popular tradition in Shibuya.
The chubby man in the Winnie the Pooh costume appeared escorted by other men in bodyguard costumes like a celebrity. Pooh with bodyguards is his annual Halloween stunt to perform in Shibuya since at least as early as October 2016, and he has gained some celebrity especially among Japanese citizens. But even people unfamiliar with the Halloween stunt play along and cry out like paparazzi and fans to take photos of this man in the Pooh costume because of his star presence in Shibuya."