Possible Voter and Ballot Fraud Witnessed in Florida

Occurred on November 9, 2018 / Lauderhill, Florida, USA

Info from Licensor: "On November 8th, a video went viral of an Enterprise truck being loaded with ballots from unmarked vehicles at 11:45 at night. When asked what they were doing and why are they loading ballot boxes from unmarked cars with one person in each vehicle and no police escort, they would not answer any of these questions. On Friday, November 9th, we saw 3 trucks being pulled in front of the SOE office in Lauderhill. One was an enterprise truck that seemed very suspicious to all of us. That evening, the enterprise truck was being backed into the SOE office in the dead of night in which congressman Matt Gaetz questioned what's in the truck! Police escorted him away from the vehicle and said under no circumstances would they answer any of his questions! Yesterday, we did some investigative work and crossed the barriers the police had set up! We found 15 tabs from ballot boxes on the ground! Per law, ballot boxes can only be opened inside the SOE office. We turned these numbered tabs into the proper people who have them now. I do not know who has them but its not Sheriff or FDLE as Broward is so corrupt we had to be very careful whose hands they ended up in. It's so hush-hush that we don't even know! Today at 11:45 on Fox Business news, we've been told to tune in for a big surprise! Trucks rolling in and out for days after the election with zero accountability!"