Power lines explode in ball of sparks after Thai truck driver drags them down

A bungling lorry driver misjudged his trailer’s height - dragging down an electric power line onto the road in a ball of sparks.

The truck with the 13-foot-high container on the back can be seen driving in the right-hand carriageway in Ubon Ratchathani, northern Thailand, on Tuesday evening (June 25).

But it appeared to clip the black power lines strung across the road before they became snagged on the vehicle’s roof.

Dash cam footage shows how a post on the opposite side was pulled to the ground before exploding in a ball of sparks.

Miraculously, the electric cables missed all the cars during the rush hour traffic and nobody was injured.

Motorist Sanit Seansai said the lorry driver failed to notice the accident and continued driving along the road.

The accident cut off electricity and blocked traffic on the road for several hours. Nine students of a nearby university were also reportedly stuck in the elevator from the blackout.

Filmer Chongrat Subanphong, 49, said: ''I was on the way home when I saw the electric poles falling and exploded right in front of me. Luckily, there were no drivers or pedestrians were injured.''

The forty-four-year-old driver was stopped and taken to the police station afterwards. He was fined for 1,000 baht for reckless driving.