Prankster dumps 15-foot-long python at police station where boss is afraid of snakes

This prankster caught a python - then dumped it with the local police chief who has a phobia of snakes.

Somkiat Khunsaen, 49, snared the 15ft long reptile after it killed a pensioner’s pet cat in Saraburi, central Thailand, on June 21.

But rather than release the beast back into the jungle, the joker carried it over his shoulder to the local nick.

Somkiat then let the python loose on the ground as terrified police chief Pattarapol Pintong - who was manning the station - was sitting at his desk.

Footage shows how Lieutenant Colonel Pintong leapt from the table and hid behind a barrier as the snake writhed around on the ground.

Speaking after, he said: ‘’I'm very scared of snakes. When I saw this python I wanted to run away. I would not want to be left alone with that. I would not know what to do.''

Lieutenant Colonel Pintong said he had forgiven the snake catcher for the prank, which he did because he wanted to show the police chief ‘’how big it was’’.

Animal handler Somkiat said the python was one of the biggest he had ever caught and he wanted to take it to the police station so the proper paper work could also be completed.

He added: ‘’I didn’t mean to scare the big boss but I know he’s afraid of snakes. I though he might want to see how big this one was.’’