Preachers in Manchester argue across the street in 'Christian Soundclash'

This was the moment two Christian preachers had a heated argument with each other on Market Street, Manchester yesterday (May 7).

The missionaries clashed while reciting their preferred scriptures as shocked members of the public stood by and watched.

The filmer said: "I was walking home from work, normally I finish at 11 pm but yesterday it was 5 pm.

"I was surprised that there were even weirder people around in the daytime as there were at night.

"My initial reaction was that I’d seen the white preacher before and I really didn’t like him.

"But then as I was walking past the other guy just set up camp and started counter preaching against him, everyone around stopped and watched in disbelief."

He later added: "I’ve seen the one preacher but never the other one and certainly never two preachers arguing."