Prince lookalike claims to be mobbed by fans

A sprightly granddad claims he stops traffic because he bears such a striking resemblance to the late superstar Prince.

Quantrez Valance Smiley, 46, says he is approached by Prince fans at least 10 times a week who tell him he is the Purple Rain singer’s exact doppelganger.

The granddad-of-three, from Detroit, Michigan, said he coincidentally shares the icon’s extravagant sense of fashion as well as his extensive vocal range.

Quantrez, a cosmetologist, spends three hours each night working on his repertoire of over 200 Prince songs and has performed at weddings and birthday parties for $300 a pop.

The striking grandfather said he often ventures outside in a ''disguise'' to avoid avid fans of the legend, who try to take photos of him while he is running errands.