Protesters gather in Bangkok amidst anger at country's elections

Hundreds of protesters gathered in Bangkok this week amidst anger at the country's sham elections.

The pro-democracy campaigners defied a law banning public demonstrations and waved placards while chanting ''no corruption'' on Tuesday (April 2).

Anger is mounting in Thailand following controversial elections on March 24 which the ruling military has still refused to release the results to.

Police have also issued arrest warrants for Thanthorn Jungroongruangkit, the charismatic young leader who came third after picking up millions of votes by promising democracy and the end of army rule.

Former Man City owner Thaksin Shinawatra, whose party came second, was also stripped of his titles.

The country's Election Commission has been slammed following a string of bizarre ''mistakes'' which saw tens of thousands of votes lost, wrong calculations, and opaque rules on how they count the ballots.

Publications of the results of the elections have now been ''delayed'' until May 9, just a few days after the coronation of the country's King on May 4.