Puerto Rican legends Ricky Martin, Felix Trinidad and Bad Bunny join massive island-wide strike

Some of Puerto Rico's biggest celebrities joined in the island-wide strike today (July 22), as singer Ricky Martin, boxer Felix Trinidad Jr. and rapper Bad Bunny all joined in on a float in this moment captured here.

Puerto Rico is braced for more massive protests today (July 22) as the US territory’s governor, Ricardo Rosselló, clings to power despite resigning as president of the ruling New Progressive Party on Sunday and announcing he will not run for re-election next year.

Hundreds of thousands will take part in a general strike across the island on Monday as protesters plan to flood one of the island’s busiest highways. Demonstrations demanding Rosselló’s resignation have gripped the island since hundreds of pages of leaked text messages between the governor and 11 members of his inner circle were published on 13 July.

The messages contain homophobic and sexist slurs against political rivals and cultural figures. They also contain a joke about dead bodies during Hurricane Maria, which devastated the island in September 2017.