Puppy Keeps Following his own Leash – LOL

Dogs are such hilarious creatures! If you own a dog you can never be short of reasons to laugh out loud! I’m sure that we’ve all seen a dog chasing its tail at least once. If you think that dogs that chase their tails are hilarious, just wait until you see what silly game the pup from this video is playing! Prepare to laugh until your stomach hurts! As the clip begins, you can see a cute little dog sniffing around a leg of a wooden bench. It looks a lot like he’s looking for something. And what is this funny pup looking for, you may wonder? Well, he’s not actually searching for anything! In fact, he’s desperately trying to catch the loose and of his leash! LOL! This hilarious canine is literally chasing the leash that he’s wearing! And he doesn't plan on stopping until he catches that loose end! LOL! Did you laugh as much as I did?