Python raids hutch and swallows pet rabbit in Thailand

This huge python was caught after raiding a rabbit hutch and swallowing a pet bunny.

Amporn Sirimaha, 57, was going to feed his three pet rabbits when he saw the python wrapped around a pole inside the wooden hut in Chonburi, eastern Thailand on March 30.

The predator had an unusual bulge in its stomach, so Amporn looked inside the hutch and noticed a rabbit was missing.

Amporn said: ‘’I was shocked to see the snake lying on the roof but I became more shocked when I saw that my brown rabbit had disappeared from the hutch.

‘’I was trying to make a loud noise to scare the snake away but it did not go anywhere, so I decided to call for help.’’

Officers from Sri Racha rescue foundation responded to his call. They used the snake catcher to hook the reptile’s head and took five minutes to remove the snake because its big stomach made him hard to move.

The rescuer said that the snake was stuck in the narrow space because of the big rabbit inside its stomach. It was waiting for its meal to digest, which would take some time.

He said: “It was a good idea that the house owner called us for help otherwise the python would be injured from wriggling out.”

The python, an estimated 16ft long, was bagged up to be released back into the wild.