Python rescued after getting stuck in drain hole while fleeing stray dogs

A huge python was rescued after getting stuck in a drain hole cover while fleeing stray dogs.

The two-metre-long snake was hunting for food when it became trapped in a water pipe in a street in Chonburi, eastern Thailand yesterday (May 13).

Rescuers came to the village after locals noticed the dogs barking suspiciously at a drain lid and saw a reptile’s tail poking through the hole.

They believe the dogs had chased the snake which tried to escape through the two-inch wide pipe where it became stuck.

Workers carefully used a drilling machine to extract the concrete around the PVC pipe, where the snake was found stuck in.

The python was brought out of the drain but its body was still attached to the plastic pipe. Three officers then slowly cut and broke it with a spoon and scissors.

They spent about an hour successfully rescuing the snake, which looked very weak from struggling to get out of the hole.

Rescuer Thanaset Winthakornbundit said: ''The snake had some scratches on its skin. We presumed that the snake might’ve been trapped in there for a few hours and been trying to escape until it became sore.

''We bagged it up and let it rest in there for a while. Then, we would release it back into the wild.''