Quebec Muslims react to Christchurch attacks as security increased at mosques

Security at mosques was increased on Friday in several Canadian cities after the attack on two Muslim places of worship in New Zealand, an attack that had a special resonance in Canada two years after a massacre in a Quebec City mosque.

At the entrance to the Al-Omah Al-Islamiah’s mosque in Montreal city centre, an unidentified New Zealander had left a bunch of flowers.

The accompanying note read: "All my love to you. I'm sorry you weren't safe in my home. New Zealand stands with you."

Some of those inside the mosque on Friday questioned the usefulness of increasing security at places of worship.

"The police could stay 24 hours a day, but the person who does his thing is going to do it. Whether it's with security or without," said Monjitu, a volunteer at the mosque.

He added that everyone was deeply saddened by the events in Christchurch.

Several worshippers said on Friday that despite the attacks in New Zealand, they continued to feel safe in Canada.

"The people here are not racist compared to other countries. We're at peace here, ” said Amar, who did not give his last name.