Quick-thinking bus driver makes detour to take teenage girl to hospital

A quick-thinking bus driver took a detour - to drive a teenage passenger to hospital after she collapsed with breathing difficulties.

Narathip Mahaman was driving the vehicle on the number 21 route in Bangkok, Thailand last Sunday (June 9) when the 18-year-old began experiencing stomach pains, dizziness and chest problems.

Bus driver Narathip Mahaman immediately pulled over and performed first aid on the patient while bus conductor Sittichoke Sangsawang called the rescuers for assistance.

But the girl continued to feel unwell, quick-thinking Narathip then asked other passengers permission to drive back to Somdech Phra Pinklao hospital, which was located about 1km away.

Footage recorded by a rescuer in the afternoon shows the orange public bus made a U-turn and arrived at the hospital entrance.

Rescuers took her from the bus and led her to the patient bed and safely delivered to the emergency room. She was found to have suffered an allergic reaction to something she had eaten before getting on the bus.

Speaking after, the bus officers said that it was an unexpected event but they were very glad to be able to save a person’s life.

Narathip said: ''She was very pale and almost fainted, so I thought it was the best to take her to the hospital but I was also afraid that other passengers might not be happy because it wasted their time.

''But instead, they were willing to help and even told me to drive there as quickly as possible. I was very happy that they were very cooperated.”

Narathip’s bus conductor, Sittichoke, added: ''As bus officers, we have to make sure that every passenger on board is safe. So taking her to the doctor was a part of our jobs too.''