Quick thinking trader evades out-of-control truck in northern India

This is the moment a trader escapes getting crushed by an out-of-control truck.

The terrifying incident occurred at Tharad near Banaskantha in north-western India on May 9.

A trader was on his way to work in the agricultural market of the city.

A CCTV camera at the market filmed a rashly driven truck, which first narrowly misses another truck coming from the opposite direction.

It then lunges at a trader, who is walking on the side of the road that is lined up with sacks filled with wheat.

The trader sees the oncoming truck and runs to safety climbing the sacks.

The truck smashes into a pile of sacks but misses the trader by inches.

The furious trader complained to the police, who have filed a case against the truck driver, who they said was inexperienced.