Raccoon and Doggy Enjoy Unlikely Friendship

Occurred on August 15, 2020 / Hartsville, South Carolina, USA

Info from Licensor: "Brewster is a one-year-old raccoon, he came to our wildlife center at ten weeks old after he fell from a tree, rescued by a sweet couple he came to us after a week of their care. We immediately took him to the vet to tend to his injuries. His back right leg was amputated due to a fractured femur. He also had his growth stunted from the accident. He is 5 lbs when an adult raccoon of his age can weigh up to 18. Hazard is a decker terrier and brewsters best friend. Hazard is a falconry dog that trains alongside hawks and falcons. Brewster the raccoon is an ambassador at the Black Creek Wildlife Center and also has an outdoor enclosure where the public can visit him."