Raging bulls turn rickshaw into a fighting arena

Two bulls fight it out inside a rickshaw in Bhuj district of India.

One black bull is stuck inside the mini-motorised vehicle and scrambles to get out of it. The rickshaw is turned on it's side as the powerful beast takes control.

Two bulls then have-at-it and use the rickshaw a their fighting arena while people can only stand around and watch. The rickshaw is treated like a child's toy as it is thrown about the street.

The footage shows a black bull stuck inside a small rickshaw and uses it's head and hump to thrash around, trying to free himself.

The filmer then captures a white and black bull duking it out inside the rickshaw. The vehicle is turned on its side but the black bull manages to free himself and both bulls run ff down the street.

A group of men come to inspect the rickshaw after it was thrown around like a toy.