Rally in Taiwan against mainland China media influence

A large rally has been held in Taiwan against pro-Beijing media on the island.

The rally in the capital Taipei on Sunday 23 June rejected pro-mainland China ownership of and influence in media outlets in Taiwan.

The rally was called "Oppose Red media, protect Taiwan's democracy", according to activist Roy Ngerng, who tweeted that he thought more than 100,000 people had attended.

He said: "A V-Dem survey shows that Taiwan is the country most vulnerable to the spread of misinformation spread by a foreign government. Taiwan will be holding its presidential election next year, and there is major concern that if the misinformation continues, Taiwan's election could be unfairly influenced, and many Taiwanese are worried that pro-China candidates could result in the selling out of Taiwan's democracy and sovereignty."

Large crowds turned out for the demonstration on Ketagalan Boulevard in the centre of the city, despite pouring rain at times.