Rampaging 4ft long monitor lizard caught after running through home

This rampaging 4ft long monitor lizard was finally caught on Thursday after running through a woman's home.

Noi Singthong, 50, returned from the gym and heard the reptile scampering through her hallway.

She went to see what was making the noise and shuddered when she saw the scaly beast and its dragon-like tongue.

Noi tried to poke the animal with her broom but gave up and ran out of her house. She locked the lizard in her utility room.

Rescue workers arrived and used a pole with a rope lasso on the end to drag the serpent into the street.

It was tied up and driven away to be relocated back into the wild.

Noi said: ''I came home and thought there was a bird flapping around that was stuck inside.

''I thought the noise was too loud, though. When I saw the lizard I almost froze. it looked so angry. I tried to take it out myself but gave up and called for help.''