Rampaging rhino rushes Indian harvest festival, sending villagers up trees

A wild rhino went on a rampage in a remote village in eastern India, interrupting the harvest festival of Bihu and forcing people to run for cover on January 15.

The stray animal that had strayed into Guhpur town of Biswanath district in Assam state created quite a ruckus in the area. A video has emerged from the scene showing people running for cover as the rhino is in hot pursuit.

The villagers could be seen running in circles around a bamboo grove as the angry beast tries to barrel through them. To avoid being gored by the animal, people climbed up trees, while those who failed to find a tree were gored by the animal before its capture by the evening the same day.

After conducting a marathon operation, the forest officials with the help of villagers finally managed to capture the beast and released the strayed animal back in its home at Kaziranga National Park.