Rare close-up footage shows bear feasting on fish in Russia's Far East

Rare, close-up footage of a bear fishing and feeding on its prey at Kurile Lake in Kamchatka, Russia's Far East.

The lucky filmer, Tatiana, who witnessed the predator in its natural habitat, had been leading a group of tourists through Kamchatka's forests to show them the stunning views of nature and encourage support for her project, "Save Kamchatka", when the encounter happened.

On the fourth day of their stay in the woods, far from civilisation, Tatiana and her fellow adventurers heard growling near their camp.

She walked down to the lake and saw a "small" bear standing in the water, only about three metres from her. The wild animal was eating a fish which it had grabbed from the water with its bare paws.

"After a couple of days spent in Kamchatka's woods I can recognise the presence of bears in seconds, just with my ears and nose!" Tatiana said. "This one was so cute and still a baby – only about five years old only."

"Was I scared? Not at all. Perhaps, during all the years spent here I got used to such views," she added.

The footage was shot on August 11.