Rare footage of fin whale feeding on krill off southern California

A fin whale was filmed lunging to the surface to engulf a whole meal of krill off the coast of southern California on May 25.

The unique drone footage shows a fin whale, the second largest whale behind blue whales, feeding on a mass of tiny shrimp-like krill at the waters' surface off Newport Beach.

The filmer told Newsflare: ''This is very rare footage, possibly the first of its kind of a fin whale’s feeding behaviour.''

''Fin whales are the only whale with asymmetrical coloring on their lower jaw, with white on the right side and black on the left side, they are also the fastest whales in the ocean and given the nickname 'the greyhounds’ of the sea.''

''They take in huge quantities of krill and water then use their massive tongues to push the water out through their baleen and then swallow the krill which they can eat a few thousand pounds per day.''