Rare footage shows lioness breastfeeding leopard cub in western India

An Asiatic lioness was seen breastfeeding a leopard cub inside the forest in Junagadh in Gujarat in India.

In the rare visuals captured by a tourist, the leopard cub was seen drinking milk from the udder of the lioness as its own cubs played near it.

It is being said that the cub had strayed from its mother when it was spotted by the lioness. The hungry cub then ran towards the lioness pointing towards its udder.

The lioness who saw the cub in hunger offered it to drink the milk. The lioness can be seen breastfeeding the little cub as it doesn't harm it.

The cub then starts playing with the lion cubs after satiating its hunger.

The rare incident was shared on the social media winning the lioness the title of ‘Kind-Hearted Lioness.’

The social media users went on to praise the animal. A user Rammohan Tiwari said, “There is no bigger love than the mother’s love. I hope it is reunited with its own mother.”

Another user said, “It is heart-warming to notice the love of animals for one another. It could have eaten the cub but is such a ‘Kind-Hearted’ animal.”

The forest department who came to know is trying their best to reunite the leopard cub with its actual mother.