Rare Spadefoot Toad Tadpole Spotted

Occurred on July 23, 2019 / Little America, Wyoming, USA

Info from Licensor: "I am a Land Surveyor by profession. On this day of work, I was riding my ATV, miles into the desert backcountry of Wyoming. I couldn't go any further by ATV, so I set foot across a dry ravine. I noticed a small puddle, and movement caught my eye. I could see something swimming, I thought they were insects of some sort. This is a dry barren desert! Then all of a sudden, a fat head pops up. 'Blop blop blop'. What the heck was that!? I took the video, out of curiosity, knowing my biologist wife might have an answer. I sent her the video, she was very excited to tell me I stumbled upon a 'Great basin' spadefoot toad tadpole. They only survive by living underground, for years at a time, until the rains come. It has been a pretty wet year. I love the little guy, swimming around in circles, just munching around. So rare and cool to experience."