Rare two-headed albino turtle valued at 32,000 dollars

This incredibly rare two-headed albino turtle has been valued at a staggering 32,000 dollars.

The albino red-eared slider turtle was born with the rare mutation on a farm in Bangkok, Thailand, on March 3.

The owner, Noon Ausanee, had the creature valued and breeders gave it a price of at least one million Thai baht (31,500USD).

However, she’s struggling to find a buyer because collectors are concerned about the creature’s life span.

Aus, who has called the turtle Nop, said: ''I feel very lucky that this turtle was born. I would like to sell him. I have had some phone calls about him but it’s a lot of money and people are worried it could die quickly.''

The red-eared slider is a type of pond slider, which is a popular pet around the world.

Turtles with two heads, a condition known as Polycephaly, have been born before but they are considered rare and a number of them are kept in museums. An albino two-headed turtle is even rarer.

Noon added: ''The turtle is two-months-old now and he is still strong. We feed him every day and he eats it all. I think he will live for a long time and bring a lot of good luck to whoever has him.''