Rats seen running over the food shelves at Japanese grocery store

A Japanese grocery store has apologised after rats were seen running across the shelves.

The dark black rodents were seen scurrying across the chilled food cabinets in the shop in Tokyo's bustling Shibuya district, on Monday (August 5) night.

There appeared to be at least seven rats sniffing around the food and running across the floor tiles.

Some rats climbed down the refrigerated display racks stocked with 'onigiri' rice balls and bento meals before scurrying down an aisle.

The footage shocked locals in a country known for its cleanliness and meticulous organisation.

The owners, FamilyMart, immediately closed the shop and apologised for the vermin infestation.

They said in a statement: “We deeply apologise for making customers feel uncomfortable and uneasy.''

They branded the rats ''unsanitary'' and said they ''take this case very seriously.''

They said that pest control experts would be drafted in to disinfect the store and drive out the pests before considering when it could re-open again.

The FamilyMart convenience store chain has 14,000 branches in Japan.