Real-life "Iron Man" flies over Prague river

People walking through the city centre in Prague on Tuesday (April 2) were treated to an incredible view of a man flying over the Vltava River.

The man, dressed in a jet suit, is the British inventor Richard Browning, known as the "real Iron Man", who came to the Czech capital to present his latest invention.

The flight took place outside Prague's Žofín Palace in front of a large crowd of spectators. Mr. Browning, dressed in his body-controlled jet engine power suit called Daedalus, rose above the Slovanský island jetty, flew down the river and below the Legions Bridge.

The British inventor and entrepreneur was one of the guests at this year’s SingularityU summit on Prague’s Žofín Island, which brings together visionaries and futurists from all around the world.

Browning has already made around 70 similar demonstration flights all around the world.