Reckless Aussie jumps onto bonnet of car, fly-kicks man on motorbike in Bali

This is the moment an Australian man allegedly went on a mad rampage in Bali, jumping onto the bonnet of a moving car and then fly-kicking a motorcyclist from his bike.

Footage captured in the popular holiday spot of Kuta shows the Australian man performing the reckless stunt on August 10.

The filmer commented: ''I was playing at a friend's house, and walked in front of the hotel Sun Royal at Sunset Road, then suddenly there was a fuss. There was a raging Caucasian being sought by the masses.

''The man stopped and jumped over a passing car, then ran and was chased by residents.

''The man then blocked the motorcycle rider by kicking while jumping until the motorcycle rider and the motorbike fall.

''About an hour later there were around 10 police and community service officers coming to the location to arrest and calm the rebellious man.''

Police in Bali said Nicholas Carr, a 26-year-old apprentice builder from South Australia, is now in hospital being treated for his injuries after he was caught and tied up.