Reckless driver in Malaysia is caught jumping red light with two children clinging to roof

This is the shocking moment a driver jumps a red light while two children cling to the back of the car on a road in southern Malaysia.

The motorist was seen travelling with the two young boys laid over the rear windscreen in Johor, yesterday (July 21) afternoon.

They appear to be clinging to the roof of the car as it ignores a red light. They were then seen further down the road sitting on top of the car.

One of the boys was taking a breather, sipping on a bottle of water to cool off after the reckless stunt.

Passing driver Chitran Chelvan said she believes the driver of the car was a relative of the children.

She said: "I could not believe what I saw. How can they put their children's life at risk like this?

''I think the boys were doing it for fun. The driver knew they were there and they could have climbed down if they wanted to.''

Locals were outraged at the dangerous driving.

Halim Dass said: "Somebody please find the parents. The boys could have been injured and they could have suffered from the car exhaust fumes as well.''