Reckless man risks his life by dragging injured leopard to roadside

A leopard was injured after it was hit by an unidentified vehicle in Yavatmal, Maharashtra, India on December 3.

Unable to move, the leopard was found lying in the middle of a busy road.

As the vehicles stopped on the road waiting for a rescue team to arrive, a man stepped in to clear the traffic.

He grabbed a leg of the injured animal with his bare hands and dragged it to the side of the road.

He then stepped away quickly as the leopard growled and tried to attack him.

A rescue squad reached the spot after a while and took away the animal for treatment.

A forest official said the leopard had suffered a fracture in two of its limbs.

Calling the man’s action ''irresponsible,'' the official said: ''He not only aggravated the injuries of the animal but also put his life at risk.''