Reckless Russian prank wars: Girl sets fire to boyfriend so he blows up her bag

A couple participate in a truly dangerous "prank war" in Kazan, a city on the Volga river in Russia.

First, the girl sneaks up behind her boyfriend with lighter fluid and spills it down the back of his trousers. Before he has a chance to react, she holds a flame to his clothes and they quickly catch alight.

The boy, blogger Nariman Khusnullin, suddenly notices, and runs around, panicking and swearing in Russian before remembering to "stop, drop and roll" (unfortunately, it seems, on some dry grass which also catches alight).

Khusnullin said that "it was painful" and his legs got burned. However, he later got his revenge.

In the second clip he takes his girlfriend's bag while she is in the shop, puts her makeup in it, and adds a firecracker, which he then sets alight in a car park, blowing it up in a similarly hazardous stunt.

He takes the frayed and burnt remains to her and asks her to check out what he did. She screams and slaps him and throws things at him, but in apparent good humour.

Khusnullin posts other dangerous and crude pranks on his Instagram, @nari_man007.