Relief for dog with head stuck in plastic box for three days

A dog found relief after two days of aimless wandering with its head stuck in a plastic box.

The dog had put its head inside a discarded plastic box looking for food but was unable to pull it back.

It started running around in agitation carrying its head trapped in the plastic container.

The residents of Jagatsinghpur in Odisha, India, tried to help it on October 8.

But whenever anyone approached it, the dog would see them through the transparent box and run away.

The residents contacted People for Animals, a local animal welfare organisation to rescue the dog.

Amulya Nayak, Secretary of the organisation, reached the spot with his rescue team.

They first captured the dog with a net trap and then restrained it with a snare pole. They then gently removed the plastic container and set the dog free.

The dog could be seen running away with a lighter head.

Amulya Nayak said: "The dog could have died slowly without food and water. We should realise that faulty waste disposal severely harms domestic animals and wildlife. "