Remorseless dog chews through door to the surprise of Tennessee homeowner

This hound bit off more than he could chew when its owner left it in a different room for a day.

Michael of Nashville, Tennessee came home from work on Tuesday (April 23) to find a massive chunk bitten out of his bedroom door and debris scattered across the carpet.

The canine culprit was Marley and as the video shows, he seems pretty happy with his actions.

Michael explained: "I needed to put my dog up while I was at work, so people could come to take care of black mould in my apartment.

"I don’t have a crate for my dog, because I’ve never needed one.

"So, I left him in my game room for the day, so they could do what they needed to without fear or interruption.

"According to my apartment office, my dog had chewed through the door before they arrived.

"They decided to reschedule instead of coming inside with a large dog who doesn’t know them.

"When I got home from work, Marley happily greeted me at the door.

"I was very confused because I left him in the game room with my fiancé and I left for work that day.

"When I turned the corner in the hallway, this is what I was presented with. He felt very accomplished with his actions."