Remote village dressmakers flooded with orders for Thai silk Barbie doll costumes

These dressmakers have been flooded with orders after making beautiful Thai silk costumes for Barbie dolls.

Locals from the remote Kok Klang village in rural Surin, northeastern Thailand, have been using their centuries-old sewing skills to make the miniature traditional garments, which are now sold internationally.

The colourful silk-cotton is delicately woven in a wooden handloom before being designed and neatly handcrafted into gorgeous traditional dresses.

Each handmade doll clothes has been uniquely detailed and made in different sizes. The price starts from 290 baht (7 GBP) and can go up to 2000 baht (51 GBP).

Dechadon Mongkol, the leader of the silk weaving group, said that they have recently received many orders overseas, which ''everyone in the village is very proud of''.

He said: ''Our village is known for producing Thai silk for a long time, so we thought it'd be a good idea to develop the local product into something more unique.

''Many foreign Barbie collectors have become regular customers after dressing the figures in Thai style costumes. We're proud that our work could represent Thainess in some ways.''