Renovating the Pine Mountain Ski Jump During Summer with a Groomer

Occurred on September 22, 2020 / Pine Mountain Ski Jump, Iron Mountain, Michigan, USA

Info from Licensor: "The Pine Mountain Ski jump in Iron Mountain, MI is undergoing a renovation which including reshaping the ski hill landing area. Sometimes you can use a bulldozer but as you see this hill is very steep, so this local construction company is using a Piston Bully ski hill groomer that is mainly used in the winter on snow. There was a shower of rocks and boulders every pass down they made, you can hear them slamming into the steel fence below. This is the only way it could be done in a safe manner, that machine is tethered to the top using a cable attached. This ski jump will be used in February 2021 for the FIS Continental Cup Ski Jumping Tournament (the only stop in the USA for this tour). Some year soon we hope to host a World Cup event too!"