Rescue team pulls out boy trapped in 100-foot-deep well

This is the remarkable moment a five-year-old boy was hauled alive from a 100-foot deep borewell in India.

Pradeep, a resident of Agaryala Village near Mathura in northern India fell into the well on Saturday while he was picking fruit from a tree.

His friends saw him falling and alerted his family who called local officials.

A team from the National Disaster Rescue Force (NDRF) was sent to the spot while a team of doctors provided an oxygen supply to the stricken boy.

The rescue team lowered a camera and found that Pradeep was conscious and responding to their instructions.

They then dropped a rope and managed to loop it around his legs.

As Pradeep held on to the rope, they eventually pulled him to the surface, nine hours after he fell into the well.

Anil Kumar Singh, Assistant Commandant NDRF, said the rescue operation had taken two hours.

Chief Medical Officer of Mathura, Sher Singh, said: “The boy is in good health. But we will keep him under observation for a day and then send him home.”