Rescued baby owl doesn't quite like the taste of grapes

This is the moment an adorable baby owl is rescued and fed with grapes.

The owl takes a bite of the fruit offered by its rescuer in a fork. But as it tastes the grape, the owl is not sure if it likes it or not.

The baby owl fell off its nest and was being pecked by crows at Bhubaneswar in eastern India on February 13.

A local resident Abhishek Brahma rescued it and tried to feed it with grapes.

Noted animal rights activist Subhendu Mallik said Brahma was doing it all wrong.

“Owls are carnivorous and giving them fruits may harm their health. I told him not to give it fruits and hand it over to forest department officials,” said Malik.

Brahma then fed the owl with fish and handed it over to the local range forest officer.