Rescuer struggles to pull out cobra from bike with his bare hands

A five-feet long cobra took refuge below the headlight of a Honda Unicorn bike in a village near Bhubaneswar in eastern India on March 10.

The bike owner Nimai Parida spotted the deadly snake while turning on the ignition switch.

A terrified Nimai called Snake Helpline for help.

Asis Behera a volunteer of Snake Helpline, rushed to the spot and realised that rescuing the cobra would be a tough battle.

It was night and there was no light where the bike had been parked. Moving the bike might have harmed the snake, so he set out to work under torchlight.

He also could not use his long snake hook to pull out the snake. All he could do was using a stick to tease the snake to come out.

Asis worked patiently for nearly two hours and finally managed to get the snake out. Once the snake began to pop its head out, he grabbed it and pulled out the entire body gently.

Founder of Snake Helpline Subhendu Mallik said: "It was a lucky escape for the bike owner. Had he been spotted the cobra while driving, he could have possibly met with an accident in sheer terror."

The cobra was later released in a forest.