Rescuers battle to reach family trapped in car crushed by overturned lorry in Indonesia

Rescuers battle to save a family trapped inside a car that was crushed by an overturned lorry this morning (August 1).

The two parents and three children were driving past a petrol station when the ten-wheel truck carrying soil from a building site toppled over.

It landed straight on top of the white Nissan.

Rescuers were able to pull out a baby girl and four others who were rushed to the hospital in the Karawaci district of Tangerang City, Indonesia.

Only the baby girl survived while her mother and three others later pronounced dead after arriving at the hospital.

Juang Andi Priyanto of the Tangerang City Police said the truck driver was taken into police custody while they investigate.

The police chief said: ''The investigation is still ongoing but we have secured the driver. We are looking for witnesses now who can give statements.''

Priyanto also said that the truck driver initially tried to escape because he was afraid of being attacked by the crowd.