Rescuers come to python's aid after tail coils around heavy machinery in Thailand

This python had a lucky escape after its tail had become stuck inside the rolling chain of a heavy-duty flour mixing machine.

The family noticed the python writhing around inside the industrial blender while they were working at home in Bangkok, Thailand last Saturday (July 13).

The homeowner went to grab the machinery when he saw the python, saying: ''I was shocked to see the snake behind the machine. I tried to make it go away until I realised that its tail was stuck inside.''

Volunteers from the Huai Kwang district fire station spent 20 minutes helping the couple to pull the snake out. They had to carefully unhook the steel chain which was snagging the reptile before it could be freed.

The husband and wife eventually released the python and volunteers took it to a nearby vet because it was slightly injured during the rescue.