Reservoir dries up as popular Thai tourist resort suffers crippling water shortage crisis

Footage shows how reservoirs in southern Thailand are running dangerously low with the region being hit by a crippling water shortage crisis.

Soaring temperatures reaching 40C and a lack of rain - made worse by El Nino warm phase - have caused households and businesses in tourist hotspot Phuket to suffer a shortage of ta water.

Officials said that many had taps had run dry or were experiencing inconsistent flows of water. They have now implemented drought-tackling measures such as monitoring usage and were considering rationing.

Video taken today at the Bang Niew Dam reservoir shows how some channels are now bone dry and the water level has dipped so low that the rocky banks have been exposed.

Many businesses on the island - which receives more than 1 million holidaymakers a month - are now buying their own water supplies which are delivered by tankers.

While environmental officials said that the existing supplies would only last until early May - sparking fears of a severe drought hitting one of Thailand’s busiest areas.

Nakhon Phuket mayor Somjai Suwansupana urged residents to help save water during the current dry season.

She said her office has implemented long-term solutions such as excavating water sources to boost capacity and is considering proposed projects such as turning sea water into water for consumption and another to recycle wastewater.

Governor Phakaphong Tavipatana has also asked farmers on the island to reduce the volume of water being used to irrigate their crops.

The footage was captured today (April 3).