River of trash shows the insane scale of Indonesia's plastic pollution problem

Shocking footage from Indonesia shows a stream full of plastic bottles as locals battle to clear the mess.

The astonishing scene was captured in Manado City, Indonesia, on February 5 as the waterway struggled to move through the channel.

All of the bottles would eventually flow into the country's ocean - putting the world's marine creatures at risk.

The devastating level of pollution highlights the effect that plastic is having - and the uphill struggle to reduce its use.

The local resident who filmed the tragic scenes, Cheer Zniqitha, said: ''Everybody was trying hard to clear the river but there was just too much garbage.''

Indonesian community group I Choose Earth has now called on the local government in the area to improve the infrastructure and waste management.

They said: ''This is a frightening example of how the Earth is increasingly threatened by the waste produced by its inhabitants. This is a serious problem that's happening before our eyes.

''We can all do something today instead of waiting for others. We need to change our own behaviour and our own habits. Everyone has to take some responsibility.

''The Manado City Government should take this problem seriously.''