Roe Buck Chases Pheasant around Back Yard

Occurred on April 23, 2021 / Køge, Sjælland, Denmark

Info from Licensor: "The pheasant lives in our backyard on the edge of a forest with a dozen hens. He viciously defends this area from all other foul. A pair of young bucks also frequent the area. One is playful, the other is not. One morning before I went to work I was observing both parties grazing the lawn. The playful young buck got sick of trying to play with his docile companion and turned his attention on the pheasant. The pheasant tried to put on a brave face but after being nudged by the larger and more boisterous buck, fled to the scrub for shelter. Four competing pheasants seized on this moment and took to his hens while he was hiding. More chaos ensued of camera when he returned to fight them all off one by one."