Roland the Texas pig learns to walk again in this heartwarming journey

Roland the pig developed a crippling condition that left his hind legs paralysed, but with support and determination he has learned to walk again in this heartwarming video.

Arriving as only a piglet at the Ima Survivor Sanctuary in Texas in late 2017, following Hurricane Harvey, Roland and lived there for six months before coming down with a condition called Dippity Pig Syndrome, that caused him pain in his back legs leaving him unable to walk.

His owner, Lester Morrow, wanted to save Roland rather than see him put down, and so helped him get on his feet by lifting and supporting his back end while helping him walk around to prevent muscle atrophy.

After two months of rehabilitation Roland was able to walk, albeit slightly awkwardly, around the Texas farmyard again.

Morrow said of Roland's condition: "He [Roland] is an amazing little guy - he has overcome more adversity in this past year than most humans or animals do in a lifetime."

He still struggles today but he is happy, he eats well and loves life."