Roller coaster ride! Tiny turboprop plane buffeted by high winds in aborted Dusseldorf landing

A plane spotter captured the moment a tiny plane made an aborted landing in high winds in Germany.

The pilot of the turboprop plane was coming into Dusseldorf Airport but was forced to abort due to stormy weather.

The video also shows a Turkish Airlines Airbus A330 aborting its landing. "The plane landed safely 20 minutes later when the pilots attempted another approach," wrote the filmer.

He added: "Western Germany especially was affected by the first strong storm of 2019. I filmed at Dusseldorf Airport for three hours today and recorded 30 aborted landings. I saw more go-arounds than normal landings.

"It's quite amazing to watch these skilled pilots land their planes during impossible weather conditions with wind gusts up to 60 knots. The storm caused lots of damage in western Germany."