Runaway leopard captured after injuring at least six villagers in eastern India

Forest department officials managed to capture a runaway leopard that injured at least six residents of coastal villages in East Godavari district.

The leopard was first spotted at Ankampalem village near Atreyapuram on February 4, where it injured four residents.

A trap was laid for it by forest officials, but the leopard managed to escape. It later reappeared at Balusulanka on Thursday morning where it attacked two villagers.

When the villagers retaliated, the leopard tried to escape and entered an abandoned hut, which the villagers promptly locked from the outside and alerted officials.

With the help of veterinary surgeons and personnel from the police and revenue departments, the forest officials made a series of attempts to capture the leopard holed inside the hut.

Veterinary surgeons began administering medication to the leopard which was weak and dehydrated.

The leopard was then shifted to Visakhapatnam amidst tight security and medical care.

Officials said a decision would be taken based on the leopard’s health as to whether it would be housed at the Indira Gandhi Zoological Park or released into the wild.