Runner suffering during ‘ridiculously impossible’ 517-mile world record attempt

Charity fundraiser Jamie McDonald is attempting to break the world record for "the greatest distance covered on a treadmill within one week".

In video of his run, filmed today (May 3) in Gloucester, Jamie calls the attempt “ridiculously impossible”, but continues nonetheless.

The runner, also known as ‘Adventureman’, has to run more than 500 miles in a week to complete his challenge in Gloucester, England. McDonald's target is 517 miles.

The 32-year-old has taken part in several challenges including running the equivalent of 210 marathons across the United States.

McDonald explained why he is taking on this world record attempt: "I spent most of my life in the hospital as a kid. I had a rare spinal condition where sometimes I couldn't move my legs and now I have the ability to take on incredible, physical challenges thanks to the hospital.

"So now it's about giving back to other sick kids and making a difference in their lives."

Spectators can run alongside McDonald on another treadmill at the world record attempt and offer their support.