Russian bodybuilder threatens to blow up plane, faces consequences

Twenty-four-year-old Russian bodybuilder Pavel Getz was removed from a flight at Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport after threatening to blow up the plane.

Getz boarded the plane to the city of Perm with his girlfriend, but they had tickets allocated for different rows. Wanting to sit next to her, he started arguing with the stewardess.

The stewardess allegedly asked him, “Pavel, will we have any more problems during the flight?" He allegedly responded, "no, girl, I’ll blow up your plane now.”

Pavel was then removed from the flight. He said that he was joking and the attendant had made a mountain out of a molehill.

In the video, Pavel documents the situation unfolding.

The plane was delayed by two hours, he said, and he had to take a different flight. He said he managed to catch a flight to Perm the following day after staying with friends, according to regional media.