Russian civilian takes mysteriously-acquired tank for holiday drive in park

A Russian civilian in Kazan, southeastern Russia, somehow acquired an armoured personnel carrier (APC) and took it for a holiday drive around his local park at the beginning of January.

Irate local skiers complained extensively about the event, reported Russian media, which stated the driver would have to restore the ski run and answer questions about where the APC came from, who gave him permission to drive through the park, and why the passengers weren't strapped in.

However, the filmer was not one of the irate skiers, and said the driver took him for a ride. "Instead of skis, skates, and hikes to the trees, today we decided to ride an armored personnel carrier," wrote the filmer, adding that it was not him who acquired the tank. "He escorted us," he clarified.

Russia starts celebrating the winter holidays on the night of December 31 and New Years' Day, ending on January 7.